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Six people-YYH-2L
Four people-YYH-L
12 Customize Details
12 small details in the silent room
Glass Decoration
Our soundproof pod has beautified the edges of each glass, and the overall image of the product has been significantly improved.
Furniture Option

For save you time, Youyinhui designers have preset different specifications furniture for different usage for you.

Safety Power&Net Strip
Each soundproof booths is equipped with an internationally accepted 86-type five-hole USB and a 13A British socket with two or three plugs and a switch panel.
Power Supply
Compatible with 100-240V/50-60HZ and 12V-USB power supply systems, it can easily meet the use of mainstream electrical appliances in life.
Fresh air system

Each acoustic pods is designed with a low-noise fresh air system, which only need 3-5 minutes to renew the indoor air. Large-scale cabins are also equipped with air conditioners.

Sound absorption & sound insulation

The office quiet pods wall is composed of sound-absorbing cotton + bamboo fiber board (hollow structure) and 10mm thick soundproof tempered glass. With great sound proof effect.

LED Lighting

The sound proof pods is equipped with a 6000k three-color temperature 220w LED ceiling lamp, which can basically meet the lighting needs of the pods.

Sound proof glass

The glass is assembled from 10mm thick single-layer tempered glass and putted an explosion-proof film on each piece of glass.

Wear-resistant exterior trim

The sound proof board are environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, anti-pollution, fire-proof, and moisture-proof, and the color is optional

Sound-absorbing interior

The interiors are made of polyester fiber boards that are sound-absorbing, environmentally friendly, flame retardant, decorative and easy to process. The thickness is 9mm, and the thickness can be adjusted.

Steel Universal wheel

For facilitate movement, each acoustic booths is equipped with steel universal wheels, and a steel foot cup (Except S model).

Air Filter Net

Equipped with a double-effect composite filter layer + HEPA + composite t-carbon adhesion layer made of nano materials, which effectively filters PM2.5, formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC, etc.

Success case
Video conference room
counseling room
Live broadcast room
The Lounge
Office telephone booth
Office Meeting Room
Information Management Room
The Lounge
Library Reading Room
helf drum room
Live broadcast room
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